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Studio Location


My studio is located at: 3723 Haven Avenue, Suite 108  Menlo Park, CA 94025. (If your GPS doesn't list Menlo Park for the above address, use Redwood City.) The building in which I'm located is a shared office space with several other businesses. 

When facing the front of the building, you will see the large numbers ("3723"), vertically hung to the right of the front door.


There is plenty of (free) parking to the side of the building, as well as additional parking behind the building. The front door is unlocked M-F, from 8am-5pm. If you are early to your appointment (during daytime hours), there are a few seats in the lobby where you may wait.

For appointments on evenings or weekends (when the building is secured), I come to the lobby/reception 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to give you access. 

There are gender specific restrooms in the middle of the building, which are similar to a locker room bathroom. There are even a few lockers and a shower that you may use. There are no towels provided by the facility. If you wish to use those facilities, you will need to bring/provide your own lock and towel (and toiletries). [Of course, you may have personal items with you in my studio during your session.]

The location is about 2 blocks from the Intersection of Marsh Road and 101. Because my office is located on the side of 101 towards the bridge (Dumbarton) on 84, and Facebook has a large campus off of that road, you should add 10 minutes to your commute time if you are arriving, or leaving, before/after your appointment during rush hour traffic (roughly between 4-6pm).

I'm happy to provide morning appointments via text at (650) 440-5408.



To schedule outcall services, you may still schedule online through my website. Please select the correct Outcall service for the city in which your bodywork will take place. Scheduling the correct area ensures that no appointments are overlapped and the service chosen allots sufficient driving time for me to get to/from appointments.

"Local Outcalls" indicate that I will be providing bodywork for you in one of the following four cities: Atherton, Menlo Park, Woodside, & Redwood City (NOT Redwood Shores).

If you live on the Peninsula (but not in one of the above 4 cities) or in South Bay (but North of San Jose Int'l airport), select "SFO/SJC and Cities In Between."

San Francisco and San Jose are separately listed.

If you are interested in an Outcall to a city not listed in the above areas, please contact me directly to provide a rate. I have worked in Half Moon Bay, Pacifica, Campbell, Santa Cruz, Hayward, and other places. The rates I charge are dependent on the commute time for me to get to/from appointments, which may vary for Outcalls outside of my listed areas based on the day of the week or time of day.



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